Girls' Day at i11


At the Girls' Day on April 28th the chair of i11 arranged an embedded-systems-workshop. Eight participants from class 6 to 8 constructed and programmed small self-propelled robots, which can react to their environment with the help of sensors. As well at the Girls' Day: Dr. Kleindiek from Bundesjugendministerium, who took a picture with the girls.

The day with Natalie, Keara, Ines, Jasmin, Anna-Marie, Nina, Emma und Emely was very fun. See you soon!


2nd Place on Carolo-Cup 2016

Image: TU Braunschweig

This year’s Carolo-Cup took place on February 9th, 2016 in Braunschweig. The Chair of Computer Science 11 supported the Team GalaXIs, which achieved a great 2nd place. In addition to that, the team scored with an outstanding first place in the autonomous parking discipline with a time of only 4.72 seconds. We congratulate the five members of the team and look forward to the next Carolo-Cup 2017.


Carnival in Aachen!

The Department of Embedded Software wishes a happy Carnival.


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