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Real-Time Design Patterns


  • 05.04.05, Klünder: Questions of general interest can now be discussed in the forum.
  • 09.03.05, Klünder: There is a new Template for the written elaborations. Just unzip and read frame.pdf.
  • 02.02.05, Klünder: There will be a guided tour through the library on April 13 and April 20 each from 10:00am - 11:30am.
  • 02.02.05, Klünder: The topics have been assigned.


A design pattern is a generalized solution for a frequently occuring problem. In this seminar we will discuss a bunch of design patterns from the embedded systems domain dealing with topics like concurrency, safety, reliability and memory management.

  • Bruce Powel Douglass: Real-Time Design Patterns - Robust Scalable Architecture for Real-Time Systems, Addison Wesley 2003.


There will be a guided tour through the library on April 20 from 10:00am - 11:30am for all students that registered for it.

The talks during the summer semester will be held each wednesday from 10:00am - 11:30am in AH III on the following dates:

| Termin | Thema | Student(en)
| 25.05.2005 | Chapter 2.3: The five views of architecture | Mehmet Erdem
| 25.05.2005 | Chapter 2.4: Implementing Architectures | Sergej Fries
| 01.06.2005 | Chapter 3: ROPES Prozess and using Pattern | Markus Kucay and Thomas Siegbert
| 15.06.2005 | Chapter 4: Subsystem and Component | Matthias Moers, Lukas Spychalski and Ronny Seidel
| 22.06.2005 | Chapter 5: Concurrency | Alexander Gurevich and Robert Mysliwczyk
| 29.06.2005 | Chapter 6: Memory | Simon Völker and Eva Beckschulze
| 06.07.2005 | Chapter 7: Resource | Markus Plum and Wenyun Quan
| 13.07.2005 | Chapter 8: Distribution | Carsten Cordes and Swen Kühnlein
| 20.07.2005 | Chapter 9: Safety and Reliability | Esther Horbert and Ines Färbe


  • Participation on all dates
  • Getting familiar with the given topic on your own
  • Written paper of 10-12 pages
  • Talk of exactly 30 minutes
  • The paper must be delivered to the tutor 2 weeks before the talk whereas the slides must be available 1 week before.
  • The paper and slides have to be composed by yourself. All used sources and utilities have to be declared and all citations have to be indicated.


  • Daniel Klünder
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