Mobile Embedded Devices


This seminar will deal with the characterictics of software design for mobile embedded devices. In the context of the seminar we will discuss the following topics:

  • Currently deployed development platforms (J2ME, MontaVista…),
  • Methods,
  • Software architectures (distributed computing, multi-agent architectures, mobile databases),
  • Protocols (e.g. adaptive protocols, functional unit networks),
  • User interfaces
  • Test and verification methods that consider time and mobility

for the development of mobile applications.


This seminar is arranged as a block seminar. The assignment of the topics will take place during the obligatory introduction course at the beginning of the winter term 07/08. There you will also get further information regarding the organization of the seminar. Students must attend the introduction course in order to participate in the seminar. The block seminar will take place in a hostel in Blankenheim from Feb, 11th 2008 to Feb, 12th 2008.


  • Preliminary discussion: 2007-10-17, 4:00pm, room 2323


  • Participation on all dates
  • Getting familiar with the given topic on your own (in close agreement with the tutors)
  • Written elaboration (German or English) of 10-15 pages per person using our template
  • Presentation (German or English) of 30 minutes
  • Deadlines strict (you can send your files via email.):
    • 2007-11-10: additional literature sources
    • 2007-11-30: structure and short abstract for every chapter
    • 2008-01-10: written elaboration and slides
  • The elaboration and the slides must be composed by yourself only. You must specify all sources and aids as well as indicate all quotes.


You're supposed to create your elaboration with LaTex using the template (with pdflatex). The following free-of-charge LaTex books could be of help:

Linux provides the required LaTex packages and different editors in each distribution. Windows users can work with Miktex (LaTex for Windows); the editor of choice is TexnicCenter. For creating your bibliography, you can also use a graphical interface like Jabref besides the text editor. Hints considering the elaboration and literature research can be found on the pages of the computer science library.

Please consider the quoting guidelines. Those are mandatory except for the sections in grey!


There is no template for the presentation slides. You can create your slides using Powerpoint, Open Office or Latex. The slides should be suitable for a presentation with a beamer. You can find some hints on how to do presentations and speeches here.

Further Material


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