1st Place at the Carolo-Basic-Cup

The Team GalaXIs won first place at this year's Carolo-Basic-Cup by a clear margin. The competition is open to international student teams with self-developed automated model vehicles.

The team won both the static and dynamic disciplines in the competition. A total of 6 teams from all over Germany took part. The competition was held in an at-home format due to the Corona pandemic, where the teams had to solve various tasks and document them in a video entry. The video contribution of the team galaxis here can be viewed here.

We congratulate the team, consisting of the students Maximilian Lüer, Pharath Palesuvaran, David Klüner and Rüdiger Erdweg.

The team is looking for more members for season 22/23. Interested students can contact the team on the Webseite.

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