InformatiCup 2012

In this year's InformatiCup, the football team of the Chair of Computer Science 11 achieved an earned 5th place. Due to injuries or holidays, many regular players were unavailable, this is why the team of i11 was gathered in a very short period of time. Still, the team won 4 games, due to its good playing ability and the additional player, Cem Mengi, of i3. Only a goal in the last seconds of the quarter-finals against the team of i10, hindered our success. The game to achieve the 5th place was decided for i11 after an early 2:1 goal deficit. Thanks to i5 for organizing this event and congratulations to the winning team i10.

RWTH Aachen University - Chair of Computer Science 11 - Ahornstr. 55 - 52074 Aachen - Germany