Verification and flying spheres at the Automation

For the first time, the i11 this year presented their work at the Automation in Baden-Baden, together with the PLT. The exhibition comprised our projects Arcade.PLC and RTAndroid. The real-time capability of RTAndroid was demonstrated with our brand-new sphere sorting machine, which recognizes colored spheres in fre fall and sorts them via air blasts - an eye catcher that invited the interested visitors of the trade fair for a stop at our booth. The PLT enthused with their modular plant design.

The i11 also had the honor to present recent work from our areas Arcade and medical engineering at the Conference:

Automatic Test Case Generation for PLC Programs using Line Coverage

Hold by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Kowalewski

Pulsatile Ansteuerung einer Diagonalblutpumpe

Hold by: Jan Kühn

automation2015gruppenfoto.jpg kugelautomat.jpg

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