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Evaluation of a CASE-Tool for Embedded Systems


For modelling, implementing and testing of embedded software in the automobile area, we have an ETAS-system at our chair of computer science XI. In the context of this diploma thesis, you are supposed to do an examplary examination of this tool chain. For this purpose you have to design a self-arranged system using ASCET MD and implement it on a real-time-capable target system (ES 1000). The sample system shall take over typical tasks of embedded systems, for instance controlling and regulation tasks. Furthermore, the sensors and actuators of the target system must be connected to the ES 1000 for a so-called online experiment.

On the basis of this example, you have to find out which modelling concepts are being realized by the tool. The important thing is to examine the offered abstraction levels, communication mechanisms as well as the realization of reactive behaviour design and data flow. The thing not to be analyzed is the quality of the automatically generated code.



  • Dr.-Ing. Daniel Klünder
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