Extension of the AutoMock project approved

In the AutoMock project, a prolongation of the funding by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has been approved. The results already developed for the extracorporeal (i.e. isolated) treatment of kidneys should be continued and finalised. This should, for example, enable a better transport of kidneys or also answer scientific questions outside of devoted animal experiments. In the upcoming part of the project, the user interface is to be enhanced and dynamic configuration during start-up as well as during operation is to be made possible. In order to achieve this, not only the communication bus used will be revised, but also a stronger integration of the entire interconnection hardware will be sought.


Actions taken against the spread of the corona virus

The Chair Informatik 11 has restricted its operations for the time being as part of the actions against the spread of the corona virus.

  • The premises in the Ahornstraße are closed.
  • Employees can be reached in the home office best via email.
  • Upcoming seminars, final thesis talks and focus colloquia can no longer be held in the usual attendance form. We offer the possibility to hold them via electronic media and will contact the students concerned.
  • Our courses in the summer semester will start in the week from April 20, 2020 and will all be held in electronic form (online only). Details are available in this video.
  • We will continue to accept requests for doctoral and assistant positions as well as bachelor and master theses.

Stay at home and stay healthy!


Official Draft of VDI/VDE 3711 released

The official draft of the VDI/VDE guideline 3711 “Input and transfer of maintenance information for condition monitoring – Digitization of offline information” has been developed under the leadership of Dr.-Ing. André Stollenwerk and has now been published. The guideline defines a data interface for the digitization of information, which is nowadays usually collected analogously during routine maintenance measures. In addition, hints are given for a possible design of the man-machine interface for the collection of this data. The guideline was developed in the GMA Technical Committee 7.26, in which Manfred Smieschek, M.Sc. RWTH and Dr.-Ing. André Stollenwerk were representing the chair Informatik 11.

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