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Please append to the given email addresses and prefix the internal numbers with +49 241 80.

Head of Group
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Kowalewski 21150 kowalewski
Dr.-Ing. André Stollenwerk 21166 stollenwerk
Marina Herkenrath 21151 herkenrath
Karin Vonderstein 21152 vonderstein
Research Associates
Dr.-Ing. Bassam Alrifaee
Junior Principal Investigator/Head of CPM Group
21163 alrifaee
Julius Beerwerth, M.Sc. RWTH 21170 beerwerth
Frederik Berg, M.Sc. RWTH 21187 berg
Mateusz Buglowski, M.Sc. RWTH 21157 buglowski
Simon Fonck, M.Sc. RWTH 21161 fonck
Ole-Christian Greß, M.Sc. RWTH 21173 gress
Marco Grochowski, M.Sc. RWTH 21155 grochowski
Thomas Henn, M.Sc. RWTH 21164 henn
Alexandru Kampmann, M.Sc. RWTH 21185 kampmann
Maximilian Kloock, M.Sc. RWTH 21186 kloock
Alexander Kruschewsky, M.Sc. RWTH 21156 kruschewsky
Michael Lamberti, M.Sc. RWTH 21162 lamberti
Maximilian Lüer, M.Sc. RWTH 21149 lueer
Armin Mokhtarian, M.Sc. RWTH 21198 mokhtarian
Robin Mroß, M.Sc. RWTH 21160 mross
Camelia Oprea, M.Sc. RWTH 21148 oprea
Valerie Pfannschmidt, M.Sc. RWTH 21169 pfannschmidt
Vinod Prabhu, M.Sc. - prabhu
Simon Schäfer, M.Sc. RWTH 21147 schaefer
Patrick Scheffe, M.Sc. RWTH 21184 scheffe
Marcus Völker, M.Sc. RWTH 21158 voelker
Marc Wiartalla, M.Sc. RWTH 21183 wiartalla
Technical Staff
Andreas Derks 21153 derks
Herwig Linß 21154 linss
Edgar Araslanov 21188 araslanov
Erik Behrens 21179 behrens
Lukas Borsch 21176 borsch
Sebastian Brinkmann 21174 brinkmann
Gregor Westendarp - westendarp
Pierre Zitzen 21189 zitzen
Mindmotiv GmbH (Arttest)
Dr.-Ing. Florian Göbe 21171 goebe
Norman Hansen, M.Sc. RWTH 21172 hansen
Dipl.-Kfm. Philip Mayer 21167 mayer
Dipl.-Inform. Norbert Wiechowski 21168 wiechowski
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