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Formal Methods for Embedded Systems


Application of formal methods in embedded systems development:

  • formal models,
  • hybrids systems,
  • verification,
  • model checking.
  • algorithmic synthesis.

The lecture will be held in English.


  • D. Peled: Software Reliability Methods. Springer, 2001.
  • E. Clarke, O. Grumberg, D. Peled: Model Checking. MIT Press, 2001.
  • B. Berard, M. Bidoit, A. Finkel: Systems and Software Verification. Springer, 2001
  • W. Ehrenberger: Software-Verifikation. Hanser, 2002.


  • Lecture
    • Tuesday 3:45 PM - 5:15 PM AH 6 (weekly starting 08.04.2008)
    • Thursday 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM room 2323 Chair Informatik 11 (biweekly starting 10.04.2008)
  • Übung
    • Thursday 1:15 Pm - 2:45 PM room 2323 Chair Informatik 11 (biweekly starting 17.04.2008)
  • Changes are announced in the Campus system and the L2P course room.


Übungsschein: In order to achieve the Übungsschein

  • you may be absent for max. one exercise session with attestation,
  • you must present a solution with your group at least one time
  • and you must pass the exam.


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