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Static Analysis of Embedded Systems Software


This seminar will deal with different static analysis approaches for embedded systems software. The topics are:

  • Static analysis
    • Data flow analysis
    • Control flow analysis
  • Abstract interpretation
  • Shape analysis
  • Worst case execution time

A portion of the topics will deal with the according basics while other topics will deal with the application of these approaches.


The seminar is a block seminar. The first meeting will be either at the end of the semester holidays or at the beginning of the winter semester. The presentations will take place in February 2009 on two consecutive dates. There will mandatory deadlines for the papers and slides inbetween.


  • Participation on all dates
  • Getting familiar with the topic on your own
  • Written elaboration of 10-15 pages / person using our template
  • Presentation of 30 minutes (strict) / person
  • Deadlines are strict (you can mail the files. You won't get the Schein if you miss any of the deadlines more than once!)
  • The paper and slides must be composed by you only. All sources and aids must be specified and quotes must be marked.


  • Template for the written elaboration


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