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Design of an Assistance Tool/Framework for Code-Evolution Experiments


In this thesis, you will have to create a tool that allows the analysis of source code in the course of software-development of embedded systems. In doing so, a copy of the source code shall be created in a directory when the compile button is being pressed. These copies are supposed to be searched through for data automatically whereas the following emphases should be considered:

  • General framework for the process analysis of source code
  • Testing of the resulting code against a testing environment having been developed in advance, including error logging
  • Evaluation of structural changes of the code
  • Optional: gathering of semantical changes of the code in the course of time with a known development task
  • Optional: in known semantical change and respectively of the modularization, the determination of the information hiding aspect (enclosure) and respectively the factorization and its adherence
  • Optional: other metrics to be chosen

Basic tools of the procedure are script-languages (Python, Perl, Ruby,…). The aim is to create a data format that preferably can be read directly by SPSS or similar tools. An exemplary, light-weight evaluation is premised.


  • Programming with script languages
  • Advantages are the habitual exposure to SPSS, development of embedded systems and an emphasis on software engineering.


  • Sven Abeln


  • Dr.rer.nat. Dirk Wilking
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