Control and Perception in Networked and Automated Vehicles

The event is split in a weekly lecture of 1.5 h and a lab exercise at the Cyper-Physical Mobility Lab at the end of the semester.

After passing successfully, the students are capable to perform the essential steps to develop algorithms for control and perception in networked and automated vehicles on their own. Herein, they consider different aspects of the development on their own and are able to evaluate how practicable the available approaches, methods and algorithms are. Furthermore, they are able to synthesize different algorithms for control and perception. A practical application of the learned material in the Cyper-Physical Mobility Lab gives insight in typical challenges.

The lecture is given in English.

The CPM Lab website presents further information.

Basic knowledge in the following areas:

  • Control engineering
  • Optimization
  • Perception
  • Embedded systems
  • Rapid control prototyping


  • Thursday: 10:30 - 12:00


The registration deadline is Tuesday, 27 October 2020.
Registration at RWTHonline.

The registration for the lab is mandatory in order to participate in the course.



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